3D Assets and Virtual Spaces Design Services

Enhance your business with custom 3D models and 3D spaces.

Leverage the power of the 3D universe to create a wow experience for your clients. Our 3D artists will create outstanding photorealistic 3D spaces for your needs. Need help with 3d assets projects? At PIXREADY we will also get any of your projects done in a short time with the highest quality.

3D Event Design

Whether you’re organizing industrial manufacturing exhibitions, interactive 3D virtual events, virtual auto shows, sales kickoffs, recruitment events, or office meetups, we can help you create an appealing 3D experience with a mood of a real-life event for your attendees, sponsors, and participants.

Our 3D artists will help you build an exciting virtual event space that reflects your brand, priorities, and messaging in a digital setting where physical limitations and design constraints no longer exist. We’ll create photorealistic custom virtual exhibits that will captivate audiences. With PIXREADY you can easily experiment with innovative booth designs and product demonstrations for 3D trade shows.

Exhibition Hall by PIXREADY on Sketchfab

3D Assets for Marketing

3D modeling has penetrated into the contemporary marketing and advertising industry as the use of 3d visualization has been rising over the years. Whether you are marketing architecture projects, product concepts, interior design, or e-commerce goods 3D assets can make your ads more memorable, and show all product or project benefits in detail.

Our 3D artists can create assets specifically for your marketing and advertising needs. We can create custom 3D models for specific events, in a custom environment, and make your products or projects look flawless.

Room by PIXREADY on Sketchfab

3D Assets for Training Simulation

Want to bring training and simulation closer to reality? Need to enhance the learning experience, create educational programs without limits, reduce costs with interactive 3D training simulations for continuous online learning, employee onboarding, safety training, etc?

Here at PIXREADY, we can create 3D assets for an interactive 3D training experience for your employees or students. Our 3D artists will help you build the foundation creating a digital twin of your existing environment or design a new space for future simulations to manage difficult, skill-testing, or dangerous work environments.

A380cockpit_2_low_poly by PIXREADY on Sketchfab