Discover the benefits of 3D Configurator for your business


higher conversion rates when photos are replaced with 3D product configurators.

Up to 50%

increase in sales as a result of having the configurator.


decrease in photography costs thanks to 3D product configurator.

Up to 35%

decrease in returns when using a 3D configurator.

71% of customers

in the US expect personalization, with 76% frustrated when this doesn’t happen, McKinsey discovered.

40% faster growing

in comparison to those business that do not use customization right.


Full-scope project:

  • As many products as you need
  • As many many sizes as you need
  • Any number of materials
  • Any business logic complexity
  • Real-time changing pricing

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Brands that already benefit from integrating a 3D Configurator to their website

La Marie.mjc team
La Marie.mjc
“It has always been our vision to give our customers a design your own experience, digitally. The collaboration with the Pixready team and using the configurator was a great fit for that. The PIXREADY team, specifically Lily who we worked directly with, was great. They completely captured our vision, which prior to working with them was very hard to execute. They were professional, timely, and precise. “
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“We have a highly customizable product with a lot of parts and conditions. They [PIXREADY] were able to understand each step and took extra care and time into making it the best experience for the user. We love the idea of having a design team on our side for every new product we release. They paid special attention to our project and we are happy to continue working with them.”
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  • Kitchen Photorealstic 3D Render
  • Kitchen Photorealstic 3D Render
  • Kitchen Photorealstic 3D Render


How Does This Work?


Contact our representative and provide the input of your project (Any materials you obtain might be helpful – images, drawings, dimensions etc.)


We create a document that describes your unique configuration step by step, discuss and approve all the details with you.


Once the project scope is clear we get back to you with an estimation that includes 3D assets creation, configuration setup and a license fee for a 3D Configuration software (That’s right! You don’t need to invest into 3D Configurator development from scratch! We offer you a ready to use plug-in solution)


We start working on 3D assets creation, after that we build a hierarchy (the backend of your configuration) and implement the business logic.


You enjoy the result!
P.S. In case you believe that you need some adjustments to be done – that’s okay! Our pricing includes 2 free-of-charge revisions. And once new collections or products come up, we can add those to your configuration!

Do you still have any questions left?

Feel free to contact us.

3D render - patio furniture